Purple Aderayo Cross-body Bag

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Beautiful cross-body bag for your everyday use and stylish tastes. You can wear this bag with the assurance that you will be noticed and complimented. It is handmade, straight from the motherland and authentic energy... All of that in one bag. 


Length 9.5 inch

Breadth 7 inches

Washing instructions:

Hand wash in cold water using a mild and gentle soap (bar soap preferably). You can use foam or your hand to gently rub around the bag to remove all dirt.

-No Machine Wash

-Do not Bleach

-Do not Dry Clean

-Do not Wring/Squeeze

-Do not leave it out in the sun to dry for too long.


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Purple Aderayo Cross-body Bag Bags Trexxy Cartera Afreekha

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